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That’s it for this season folks. We’ve really enjoyed getting more and more clubs onto our platform. We’ll take a short break for the summer and come back bigger and better for next season!

Testimonials What people say about us..

I searched around and tried out a couple of different Lastman services.
However, is the one. Simple to use, even for us. Doesn't bombard with info and emails and a has great user friendly interface.
Don't look any further use

Dave Holman

Having ran Last Man Standing on an annual basis, I thought to myself, there must be an app or some easier way of running this competition without having to text over 100 individuals weekly. Low and behold I found Play Last Man, a dream! No more having to check who won, lost or drew, all handled professionally for me. Thank you team for your continued support to competition end. Highly Recommended.

John, Clarecastle hurlers

The club was very pleased with how easy this was to run. 15% of our fundraising goal in just 2 weeks with no admin work for the club. We shared the comp link through whats app, and from there, everything was handled for us. A very simple, clean and elegant solution for our fundraising needs. Can't speak highly enough of the service!

Glenanne Hockey Club

Latest Features Added: 

  • Trial Competitions. 2 gameweeks, 5 players, no entry fee. A perfect way to test out our website for free.
  • New Pricing Alert. Tiered pricing now in place. Head over to our FAQ page to find out more.
  • Competition Admins will be able to withdraw raised funds at any time after the 1st round ( 3rd round if allowing buy backs )
  • Our emails have been overhauled, making it easier than ever to run your competition.
  • Introducing an optional buy back option that competition admins can opt in or out to
  • Google Sign In making registration easier than ever

the rules of the game How to Play

Quick Start

  • Each week you pick ONE team to win their match. If they win, you are through to the next round to pick again. If they lose or draw, you are out. What's makes Last Man Standing interesting is you cannot pick the same team twice, so it's all about strategy!

  • To get started, simply create a competition form the button above. The competition is free to setup, and you decide how much the entry cost is. We'll take payment from each player on entry which is stored in your wallet. As competition admin, you can then withdraw your funds at any time.

  • We'll send you a unique URL to share with your friends to get them involved too - the more people involved, the more excitement it brings! If you are using us to help fundraising efforts, we've made it as easy as possible to grow your competition.

  • We'll look after everything from here, People make their picks through email or the website, we then track and run the whole competition for you. We'll send out weekly reminders so people don't forget to make their picks. So you can sit back, relax, and get thinking about how you can be the last man standing...

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welcome to play last man Why do we exist?

The idea for our service was born from personal experience. Being involved in sporting clubs here in Dublin, fundraising is always tough to think of, and even harder to run. While the competition is a great way to generate funds, the backend running always took up lots of time of volunteers in the club. We thought there must be a better way to automate this process for people, and make it more accessible - And Play Last Man was born.

If you don’t find answers to frequently asked questions please contact us directly