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  • What is Last Man Standing?

    Last Man standing is a simple and easy way to run a fun competition amongst your friends or your club. The concept is very simple, select one team each round that you think will win. If your team wins, you will progress to the next round, if your team loses or draws then you are out! It sounds simple but there is some strategy involved, you cannot choose the same team more than once in a game, so you’ll need to think ahead!

  • Why would I use Play Last Man for fundraising?

    Consider us as the guys who take all the hassle out of running a competition. We'll ensure everyone is informed, and we'll put some energy into the competition for you. For fundraising, we suggest not sharing your unique competition code unless someone has entered to play. To get started, create a competition, and get sharing the game code with your entrants!

  • Default Picks?

    Each week, you will be auto assigned a team to make sure you don’t miss out. This team will be the highest placed team in the league, based on who is available to you. If you want to change your team, simply login to your dashboard and choose an alternative team, just make sure you do it before the deadline!

  • What happens if a game is postponed?

    If a game is postponed during the gameweek, and picks have already been made, you will get a bye through to the next round.

  • I want to play on my phone. Do you have an app?

    We don't have an app yet. We feel the website is very simple to use so an app is currently planned for future release.

  • Strategy?

    How can there be strategy with a game like LMS you ask? It sounds simple but with the rules stating that you can only choose each team once, you will need to be thoughtful with your picks. Will you use the top 4 teams first and start off safely? This might seem smart, but probably something most other players will have thought of also, which means there could be more players through to the next round. Do your research and look for possible upsets, and you may be able to keep some of the big teams for the business end of the competition where other players may be forced to choose the outsiders! Keep an eye on our socials for stats, facts and top tips each week. Good luck!

  • Are there any other sports available?

    Right now, our focus is getting the service up and running, but we will be adding new sports and leagues in the near future - Watch this space.

  • Can I bet through the website?

    We are not a gambling website. We simply offer a service that automates the hours required to run a Last Man Standing competition. Many clubs around the world use the idea to run fundraisers. In this case, we don't pay out based on winning selections, we simple pass through entry fee's to the admin of the competition.

  • Why do you charge for the service?

    We are constantly looking for ways to develop our offering. From more leagues and more sports to new formats, we are always trying to innovate and improve. Bringing people together is more important than ever. We are trying to help!

  • What do you charge for the service?

    We use a tiered pricing system, which is as follows:
    1-100 players: 20%
    100 - 500 players: 15%
    500+ players: 10%

  • I'm not getting your emails

    Please check you junk/spam folder. Once you interact with one of our emails you should then get them right into your regular inbox!

  • Social Media Competition - Terms & Conditions

    1) Value of prize to be a maximum of €200. 2) Winners must have tagged 2x of their friends, and liked our page. 3) On the minor chance of no last man standing during the 23/24 season, we will contact all remaining players and decide a fair outcome. 4) Judges decision is final. 5) Competition limited to 500 people

  • Tell me about the Buy Back option

    If the competition admin decides to allow buy backs ( selectable when creating a new comp ), then each player will be allowed a one time chance to buy back, if their chosen team of the week, do not win in that game week. Rather than being eliminated right away, every player will have the chance of a "second life" in their respective competition. We are limiting the buy back option to the first 3 rounds of any competition to ensure fairness.

If your question isn’t answered above, please contact us directly. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.