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Last Man Standing Competition Rules Official Competition Rules

  • The concept is very simple, select one team each round that you think will win. If your team wins, you will progress to the next round, if your team loses or draws, you are out! Picks must be made by each game week deadline, which is usually 1 hour before the first kickoff time. All information can be seen in your dashboard.

  • If a game is postponed during the round then you get a bye through to the next round. User's can change their picks anytime up to the deadline. All picks of everyone else in the competition can then be viewed once the deadline has passed.

  • Any decisions made by competition admin are final.

  • Whether it is staying connected with your mates, or fundraising for your club, Play Last Man is a great service that gives you the platform to easily do both!

  • If you are not happy with any aspect of our service, then we offer a no quibble refund policy.

  • We reserve the right to change the name of any user on our website, should we deem their chosen username to be offensive.

  • Payouts must be requested by the competition admin through their management dashboard. Without the request, we cannot transfer your funds. Funds may take up to 48hrs to arrive in your account, depending on your location. We use an Irish institution to handle our transfers.